Blydyn Square was the name of the neighborhood in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, where editor in chief and Blydyn Square Books cofounder Tara Tomczyk was living when she first came up with the idea to start a small press.

Our standard response time to a new submission is around 12 weeks, but it’s easy for us to get bogged down and delayed because we receive so many submissions. Please note: We only accept new submissions between January 1 and May 31. Anything sent outside of that time will take longer (or may not get read at all), so please be patient!

Please understand this: Any legitimate traditional publisher, large or small (including Blydyn Square Books) does NOT charge authors a fee to publish their work. If your publisher is asking for any kind of payment, you are working with a vanity/subsidy press, not a traditional publisher.

No offense, but we don’t know you, and we can’t trust that you aren’t trying to destroy our tiny company with some crazy computer virus. So please, follow the instructions on our How to Submit page and send the first 50 pages in the body of the email or we won’t be able to review your work.

It depends on how much revision/work the book needs to be ready for publication—we have very high standards and we aren’t willing to lower them just to bring a book out faster. On average, it takes at least 18 months for a book to be published after we receive an acceptable manuscript from the author. Every Blydyn Square book goes through a very long (some authors say grueling!) process of revision and nitpicky editing. But we assure you, it’s worth it!

Because our editors are only human. There are just a few of us working here at Blydyn Square Books, doing all the work that needs to be done—from finding new books to revising the ones we already have to marketing and selling those we’ve already published. Keeping our reading period to half the year helps give us the time we need to get all that other stuff done.

Sure. All we ask is that you let us know if you sell your book before you hear from us. Our reading list is insanely long—we’d appreciate a heads-up so we don’t end up wasting time reading books that are no longer available.

We love kids and kids’ books, but we don’t know a whole lot about either! We also know that it costs a lot to produce a great children’s book (and sell it in a very competitive market), so it doesn’t make sense for a small company like ours to spend a lot on something we’re not great at. We prefer to focus (at least for now) on what we do well.

But stay tuned! We have some projects in the works and may be soon have an imprint to publish children’s books.